6 Best Online Java Courses for Beginners in 2024

If you dream to be a programmer, creating apps or learning to code, then Java is the best programming language that you must consider working with. In today’s post, we will check out the best Java courses for beginners and advanced developers. These courses and tutorials can help you learn and improve your java programming skills. Without wasting any time, let us check out some best java courses for beginners:

1. Java Programming Masterclass by Udemy

Java Programming Masterclass by Udemy

Java Programming Masterclass covering Java 11 & Java 17 is probably a highly popular Java course with more than 607,000 students that have enrolled in this popular course by Udemy. Besides this course is the best quality course and the instructor frequently updates this course to include various changes in Java 8 & Java 9.

This is the most comprehensive Java course with more than 72 hours of the material and you can learn major things the Java developer must know like OOP, data structure, Java Collections, Core Java Fundamentals, File IO, MultiThreading, Database, Networking, Unit Testing, Java 8, and Java 9 changes.

Tim Buchalka is a popular Java instructor and that alone shows huge social proof linked with this java course. Every single concept is rightly explained in complete detail and learn the concept slowly. In this course, you will get to learn the right Java version and the right meaning to maximize the future Java potential.

The course helps you learn:

  • Learn core Java skills required to apply for the Java developer positions within 14 hours.
  • Sit and pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam whenever you want.
  • Demonstrate your Java knowledge to your future employers.
  • Learn industry “right practices” in Java development from the professional Java programmer who already has worked for 18 years in this language.
  • Get the right java basics to transition to Spring Framework, Android development, Java EE, and much more.
  • Get skills in Java 8 & Java 11.

2. Java Programming by Coursera

Java Programming by Coursera

Coursera has introduced its new course designed specifically for the intermediate and expert level java learner. Made for beginners, Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization course will teach you some core programming concepts as well as equip you to solve complex problems and write programs. Additionally, you can get foundational skills that the software engineer has to solve real-world problems, design algorithms, testing and debug the programs.

This specialization course has four different courses that will cover Object Oriented Programming in Advanced-Data Structure, Data Structure, Java, and covers the Software Engineering course. All these courses are totally free-to-audit however you will have to pay out money if you want the certificate which isn’t a bad deal. This course online series offers learners an introduction to programming & software development, by using Java coding language.

The course helps you learn:

  • Introduction in web programming with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Building complex Java programs, by using lists, arrays, and structured data
  • Fundamentals of the Java programming
  • Capstone project: building the recommendation system in Java
  • Software design & engineering with Java

3. Learn Java by CodeAcademy

Learn Java by CodeAcademy

Codecademy is yet another best place where you can learn Java online. This is one popular education company that mainly focuses on enhancing students’ online learning experience. The website offers free courses in the Java language for beginners and advanced programmers too. Codecademy offers opportunities to start working and implement the right knowledge by providing various projects like creating calculators or other apps.

In Learn Java course, students are exposed to fundamental programming concepts, which includes object-oriented programming by using Java. You will build over 7 Java projects—such as a basic calculator—that will help you to practice along your way.

The course will help you learn:

  • In this free course, online students won’t just learn about the Java basics but even object-oriented programming, data structure, and debugging various Java programs which is an important skill for Java programmers.
  • Introduction of Java
  • Object-oriented concepts in Java
  • Data structure
  • And more

4. Java from Beginner to Expert by SkillShare

Java from Beginner to Expert by SkillShare

Java from Beginner to Expert by SkillShare course is made for people who do not have much knowledge about programming. No matter whether you have not written any course or you do not have any idea about java programming. After the course, this may change and you will bust this myth that java programming is difficult only for a few!

With this beginner to expert course, java programming beginners will learn the java language perfectly. This course introduces the students to Java conditional statements and operations and expressions, and loops and arrays. After that, students learn everything about object-oriented programming, methods, developing familiarity with the constructors, strings and references. Students work with polymorphism and inheritance, interfaces, classes, and lambdas, and also a complete project by an end of this course.

Arkadiusz Włodarczyk will be your instructor for this course, he is a Poland-based developer and web development professional.

Arkadiusz has taught over 240,000+ students by 27 popular courses online, hence you are in good hands!

The course will help you learn:

  • In this 11 hours course, students develop a strong grasp on the basic & advanced Java features
  • They will get to learn about classes, operators, interfaces, inheritance, using Android Studio, and much more.

5. Become a Java Programmer by Udacity

Become a Java Programmer by Udacity

This Java Programming Nanodegree is made to improve your Java skills and teach you some fundamental skills that are used by Java programmers to code, design, test and deploy high-end Java software. This is perfect for programming beginners with very little and no Java knowledge who want to become professional Java programmers and organize functional Java applications of their creation.

The course introduces various Java ecosystem topics essential to developing production-ready apps. This begins by covering the makeup and construction of the Java program artefacts. In this program, you will learn about compiling Java program code, executed and packaged. You will also learn to use Maven to customize and automate the build process and manage the external project dependencies. The course covers the topic of Modules and the introduction of Java 9.

Besides building topics, the course can teach you various tools of JUnit 5 for writing unit tests & evaluating code coverage. This helps to expand the testing capabilities for any complex applications, Mockito library & test doubles are covered too.

The course will help you learn:

  • Learn fundamentals of Java when introduced to Spring Boot framework & associated plugins and integrations.
  • Explore differences between APIs, web services, and microservices. Design REST & GraphQL APIs, and learn to consume, secure, test, and document APIs & other web services.
  • Learn different data stores & build persistence for the Java applications. You can work with relational & non-relational databases, you can use Java for reading, writing, and building various test cases for MongoDB and MySQL.
  • In this course, you will learn Git, and practices for authentication and authorization. Use Jenkins for building CI/CD pipeline and deploying code for production.

6. Java Certification Training Course by Edureka

Java Certification Training Course by Edureka

Without any doubt, Java is a popular programming language and a popular backend developing language. Given several companies are making use of Spring Boot and Java for building server-side apps, it is the best decision to learn Java with Java Certification Training course by Edureka. If you are looking to learn Java online, this is the best course to select.

It is the best-sellers and best-selling programming java course at Edureka. The course covers some basic & advanced level core Java concepts that include frameworks such as Hibernate and Spring.

The course is made to meet various industry benchmarks, and the course is curated by the top industry professionals. The Java training course online is made for giving you a good knowledge of the basic & advanced core Java and J2EE concepts all along with some popular frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, and SOA. This course is live, and you can master various other concepts such as Java Array, Java Loops and Java Functions to name some of them, with the industry use cases.

The course will help you learn:

  • Complete knowledge about Java data types, loops and conditional statements, multi-threading & exception handling, the database by using hibernate framework
  • In-depth knowledge of the object-oriented java programming using Objects, Classes, and different Java concepts such as Final, Abstract, etc and XML files by using SAX and DOM
  • Capability to implement functions, arrays, and string handling methods, JDBC and communicate with SOA and Database by using various web services
  • Exposure to several real-life projects
  • Projects that are diverse and cover telecommunication, banking, insurance, social media, and e-commerce niches
  • Continuous involvement of SME throughout this Java Training course where you will learn industry standards & top practices

Final Thoughts

The given are the top Java courses that you can select according to your convenience and grab a ticket to learn and code Java language comfortably right from scratch to an expert level. These courses are accessible online and you can compare them as per the prices, material, time period, and various other factors.

Being a developer means gaining new knowledge and improving your programming knowledge constantly. Suppose you build a knack for online self-education right from the start, then you will succeed in all ways. Get ready and find the best course now.

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