How to Find Array Length in Java with Examples

In this blog post, we are going to learn an important topic pertaining to Java i.e Array length. Java is a high-end programming language by accompanying robustness, security, and greater performance. How to Find Array Length in Java? An array length in Java represents a series of elements that an array could really hold. There really is no predetermined method for determining an object’s length. In Java, developers can discover its array length with the help of array attribute length.

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One Dimensional Array in Java – 1D Array

Here, we will discuss what is a one-dimensional array and how to use it in Java. A one-dimensional array or 1D array is the list of variables of the same data type stored in the contiguous memory locations. We can access these variables of a 1-d array by an index value in square brackets followed by name of the array. So to declare the array we need the datatype of the values which we want to store, array name, and

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Java 3D Array – Three Dimensional Array

When you want to store a student’s list from a class and suppose the class consists of 100 students. By putting the data one by one into a variable will be time taking. While working with those variables and working with variables seems quite complicating and annoying. Therefore to avoid such a situation, an array is introduced, which can store data in a regular format. It is because of the array that operating on data became more accessible. First, get

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Convert String to Byte Array or Byte Array to String in Java

Sometimes we need to convert Strings into Bytes because of several reasons like, to save content to the file, sending data over a network or it can be any other reason. So in this tutorial we’ll see how we can convert string to byte array or byte array to string in Java. Convert String to Byte Array in Java Method 1: Using String.getBytes()

Output: Platform’s encoding = [[email protected] Contents of byte Array = [84, 104, 101, 32, 67, 114,

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Shell Sort in Java

Here you will get program for shell sort in Java. Insertion sort is no doubt an efficient and fast sorting technique to sort a given set of values, but sometimes the insertion sort may be implemented in a comparatively complex manner if some “light” elements are used at the ends. For removing such problems, the shell sort was introduced by Donald Shell in 1959. It attempts to sort the data moving large elements towards one end and the smaller ones

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Java Program to Find Largest Number in Array Using Recursion

Here you will get java program to find largest number in array using recursion.

Output Given Array: 5 12 10 6 15 Largest Number is 15 Comment below if you have any queries regarding above program.

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Java Program to Find Inverse of a Matrix

Here you will get java program to find inverse of a matrix of order 2×2 and 3×3. We can find inverse of a matrix in following way. First find the determinant of matrix. Calculate adjoint of matrix. Finally divide adjoint of matrix by determinant. Image Source Below I have shared program to find inverse of 2×2 and 3×3 matrix. Java Program to Find Inverse of a Matrix 2×2 Matrix

Output Enter elements of matrix row wise: 4 7 2

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Java Program to Insert Element in Array at Specified Position

Here you will get java program to insert element in array at specified position. How it works? First copy all the elements before the position where element is to be inserted in a new array. Now assign the element at given position in the new array. Finally copy all the elements after the position where element is to be inserted in a new array. We can partially copy elements of one array to another using System.arraycopy() method. Its syntax is

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