Solve “Requested array size exceeds VM limit” Error in Java

There is a limit on the declaration of maximum array size in java. So whenever we face the OutOfMemoryError i.e, Requested array size exceeds VM limit it means that the program is trying to allocate a particular size to an array that is larger than the size supported by the virtual machine. Cause of Error The value of maximum positive integer in java is 2^31 – 1 = 2,147,483,647. Now it depends on the specifications of the different operating systems

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Solve Error Java Access Denied FileNotFoundException

In this blog I will be sharing the reasons due to which you are getting Access is denied i.e, File Not Found Exception, and will solve the error as well. So let’s start and solve this error in your system. This error occurs for various reasons, let’s discuss them one by one in detail. 1. Opening or Trying to Read a Folder/Directory It is not possible for the user to see the directory as we do normally and if you

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Solved Error: cannot be cast to java.lang.Comparable

This article will look at how to solve the above-given Class Cast Exception. This ClassCast Exception occurs at runtime when we improperly typecast an object of a class to a related class of which it is not an instance. Now, what does it mean when the exception says: cannot be cast to java.lang.Comparable. Let us first have a brief look at what is Comparable. We use Comparable Interface mainly when we need to sort an Array of Custom Objects. In

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Solve Error insert “Dimensions” to complete ReferenceType in Java

We usually get this error in java when we are trying to pass primitive data type in the generic type declaration. The reason we get this error because generic always expects the wrapper classes but gets the primitive data type. Those who are unaware about primitive data types and wrapper classes. Wrapper Classes Wrapper classes are classes in java which contains primitive data types and primitive data type can be used as objects by the help of wrapper class. Wrapper

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Solve Error “the import org.apache cannot be resolved” in Java

How can you resolve the import org.apache error from your program? Nowadays, when developers are preparing some codes in Java, the common error is import org.apache error takes a lot of time to resolve. This is because of the minor mistake you may do while coding, and no apache library is installed on them. Apache library is crucial for coding on Java and requires several corrections to develop a program efficiently. Most developers face this common issue in their developing

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Solve Error “char cannot be dereferenced” in Java

Are you facing the error “char cannot be dereferenced”? So in this article, we’re going to see the main reason behind this error (char cannot be dereferenced) and the possible solutions. As we know there are two types of data types – Primitive (i.e. byte, int, boolean) and Non-primitive (ie. Arrays, String). char is a primitive data type, unlike String. So one of the most common reasons for this error is calling a method of String on a char value.

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Solve Error “int cannot be dereferenced” in Java

Dereferencing means accessing an object from the heap using a reference variable Or we can say It is a process of accessing the referred value by a reference. Dereferencing’s main purpose is to place the memory address (where the actual object presents) into the reference. Example:

If the reference has the null value, at that time the result of dereferencing will be a “Null Pointer Exception.” Example:

Reference: A reference is an address of a variable and it

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Fix Error “editor does not contain a main type” in Eclipse

So in this tutorial, We will know that what kind of reasons can be for getting this error “Editor does not contain a main type” and we will see how to fix this error. Basically, this type of Error means your Editor is not able to find the “main” method in any of your current program classes. The editor shows this error because when you want to run the project, at that time, the interpreter couldn’t find the main function

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