Java Capitalize First Letter of Each Word

In this blog, we will see how to capitalize the first character of each word present in a given string. There can be two different ways to achieve our desired result. Let us see both of them one after another.

1. Using Split Function with for Loop



Code Explanation:

We have created a function char_capital which takes input_string as an argument. Then the split method is used to split the string by space(“ ”) into an array of words. The for loop is initiated for the words_string array. The first character of each word is taken and converted into uppercase, and then we add the changed string to the result_string.

Inside the main function, we have created a scanner object to take a string as input from the user and then called the char_capital method for that string.

2. Using Only for Loop



The logic for both programs are same, but they are implemented in their own different ways.

I hope you have understood the problem clearly. Please do comment below if you still have any doubts.

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