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Advantages and Disadvantages of Abstraction in Java

Abstraction involves hiding the complex features of a system and showing only the essential features, making it easier to understand by the user. Java abstraction has various advantages and disadvantages that will be covered in this article. Advantages of Abstraction in Java Increasing Understandability of the Code Abstraction is a technique that makes it easier to understand complex systems by converting the complete code into relatively smaller parts that can be managed & understood easily. Since we are hiding the

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Encapsulation in Java

The word “Encapsulation” means that closing something like we put the main power of the tablet inside the capsule. It is a mechanism that is done to bind the data and protect it from being used by everyone. After doing encapsulation, the variables and the data of one class cannot be used in another class and this data can be used by the member functions of the same class. Encapsulation can be achieved by adding the private specifier to the

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