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Types of Constants in Java

Whenever we declare a constant in java its value tends to be the same throughout the entire program. In the case of a normal variable, we can change the assigned value. Java doesn’t allow the use of constants directly so we use static and final non-access modifiers. The main motive of using constants is to decrease repeatability in the code with some standard values. It is cached by the Java Virtual Machine and written code results in improvement of the

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Java Collection Hierarchy

The collection is a framework in java. It contains some of the most used classes which are present in the interfaces. Collection interface mainly has 3 child interfaces and these are as follows. Image Source 1. List It contains an order of all the objects. This interface also helps you to have a dynamic size of arrays according to the number of objects present. It is implemented by Vector, Stack, ArrayList, and LinkedList. Therefore we can create a list object

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Features of Java Programming Language

The main motive behind the development of the java programming language was to make a more securable, easy-to-understand programming language. It is one of the most used programming languages in the industry nowadays. Let’s analyze the features of java that separates it from other programming languages. 1. Simple & Easy to Learn Java comes with an easier syntax and structuring of the code as compared to c++. Some concepts in c++ like structs have been left out in java and

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Encapsulation in Java

The word “Encapsulation” means that closing something like we put the main power of the tablet inside the capsule. It is a mechanism that is done to bind the data and protect it from being used by everyone. After doing encapsulation, the variables and the data of one class cannot be used in another class and this data can be used by the member functions of the same class. Encapsulation can be achieved by adding the private specifier to the

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