Python, Java or JavaScript – Which Language Will Dominate in Future?

Programming languages are the core behind any software, websites, games, and apps. So likely, there are different programming languages each distinguished by their functionality, uses, intuitiveness, and market growth.

Besides, it’s nearly impossible for any developer to identify which programming language will survive long last in the future. Whether the language currently used in developing apps and software will continue to persist later or not, no one can accurately predict that.

Yes, but their current market state and scope for usability in latest technologies will help us to identify the doom for each.

First, let’s have a look at the current scenario for all three coding languages Python, Java, and JavaScript.

Python Market Research

Python Market Research

There are numerous reasons for Python being one of the most popular languages among developers. In 2018, Python secured #7 rank for the most popular languages among professional developers.

Additionally, when surveyed personally from different developers, Python was ranked as #3 for the most loved languages.

Besides, at the 19th Annual KDnuggets Software Poll Ranks, Python was rated as #1 tool for analytics, machine learning, and data science as well.

Top Reasons for Python Popularity

  • Open-source language with simple syntax and easy to read and write
  • It requires less coding when compared to other languages and can easily debug, deploy, and maintained
  • Python is universally acceptable, and almost every application can be built using its interactive interface.
  • Tech companies like Google, Instagram, and Dropbox support Python
  • It is an excellent option for beginners who have started a career in programming as it is easy to learn
  • Python supports more than 1,50,000 pre-built software libraries

Will Python Survive in Future?

In recent years, the demand for Python is growing strength to strength with the rise of latest technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, and IoT (Internet of Things).

Furthermore, Python is escalating to be used in the Marketing sector for generating higher revenues and improved ROI. Data Scientists and Engineers have extended Python libraries for specific marketing functionalities such as marketing analytics and marketing segmentation.

Moreover, the language has become the first choice among Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts for its flexibility and integration with different platforms.

Apart from that, the scope of Python is rapidly increasing with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into corporate industries.

Python has a great future as every technology easily adapts it and was specifically designed in a way that it can be learned quickly. Also, the language has been adopted by those who even don’t come from a developer domain.

Java Market Research

When compared to Python, Java is much more complex and less productive. Although Java also has a huge fan following base, a static language has its own pros and cons.

Java has high popularity among web developers for its faster implementation than Python. Besides, it’s a static language, thanks to JVM (Java Virtual Machine), which allow Java to run on any platform with fewer dependencies.

Additionally, Java was ranked as one of the GitHub’s most active languages in 2019. Also, Java happens to secure the tenth position for the most dreaded programming languages in 2019.

Top Reasons for Java Popularity

  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine) enables Java to inherit the cross-platform functionality
  • Java is relatively faster at implementations and supports a large user base
  • Java is a widely used go-to language for Android Development and comprehensive enterprise solutions
  • Java is highly portable because of its architecture-neutral object file format that is executable on many processors

Survival of Java in Future

The popularity of Java is now dropping down from the last year because of the rise of its alternative Python, which is considered to be more productive than Java.

On the other hand, Java is not going to vanish too soon. It will reside in the market and will be in use for a quantum of time. Java is still widely used and is one of the popular languages among professional developers.

Besides, large enterprise solutions and Android development is backed by Java itself. At this point, it’s fair enough to say that Python is highly recommendable than Java for many reasons. And for the past few years, we haven’t seen any significant growth in Java.

Java still has a quite good scope in the market and is not going to be replaced soon.

JavaScript Market Research

JavaScript Market Research

It’s no new that JavaScript is consistently securing its top position for the seventh time in a row as the most popular technology in a recent survey conducted by Stack Overflow.

JavaScript is currently the most popular programming language among professional developers with Python rising like heat overtaking the Java, making Python as the fastest-growing programming language after surpassing C# and PHP in a consecutive year.

JavaScript is widespread because of its ubiquity, and billions of users are actively associated with using JavaScript for developing Web pages. Moreover, the language offers a large number of open-source libraries for developers.

A survey by clarifies that 93% of developers said that they write code for the web. While 70% say, they write JavaScript that runs on servers, i.e., Node.js. However, many other application areas, including Internet of Things (IoT), desktop applications, native mobile applications, and others, saw substantial numbers of users, too.

Top Reasons for JavaScript Popularity

Top Reasons for JavaScript Popularity

  • JavaScript’s ubiquity nature makes it directly usable for developing web applications
  • It has a high number of libraries available for development and implementation
  • JavaScript is simple, reliable, and lightweight which makes it faster during the compilation of programs than other languages
  • The language offers a rich interface, extended functionality, and high versatility making it capable of both front end and back end development
  • It reduces the overhead from websites and web applications by curbing the code length though its built-in functions
  • JavaScript gives developers more control over browsers

JavaScript Holds the Future Crown

With billions of users and high extensibility, JavaScript is a prevalent language among developers. For the past seven consistent years, JavaScript is ruling the family of programming languages with top-notch functionality and access to a large number of libraries.

Still, JavaScript has its detriments and comes with poor implementation. But with the latest update ECMAScript 6, it has added many useful features and fixed a lot of issues.

JavaScript has a lot wider scope than any other and is anticipated to survive most of the programming languages out there.


JavaScript holds the best outlook for future scope, while Python, on the other hand, is mounting rapidly. JavaScript has the best chances to play in the near future, where Java and Python still have to play significant roles in swarming their usability.

Both Python and Java are also crucial in their respective functionality, but the expanse for Python is escalating day by day with new cutting-edge technologies.

Java now looks like struggling with other programming languages. However, the language has scope in many ways, and that the latter will be around for many years to come.

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