Heap Sort in Java

Here you will get program for heap sort in java.

Heap sort is a sorting algorithm that uses heap data structure. Its best, worst and average time complexity is O (n log n).


How heap sort algorithm works?

  • First we make max heap from given set of elements. In max heap each parent node is greater than or equal to its left and right child.
  • Now first node is swapped by last node and size of heap is reduced by 1. After each swap we check the heap satisfies max heap property or not.
  • The above step is repeated until the size of heap is more than 1.

Heap Sort in Java

Program for Heap Sort in Java



Enter number of elements:

Enter the elements:
12 56 34 2 10 10

Sorted array is:
2 10 10 12 34 56


You can watch below video to learn about heap sort algorithm.


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