Eclipse vs Netbeans – Difference between Eclipse and Netbeans

In this article we will know about Eclipse vs Netbeans.

Java is very good language for product development. But one drawback of java is even for small application we need to write more number of lines code. If we prefer IDE rather than text editor then it is much easier. IDEs will boost the programmer performance while writing code. Below I have compared the two most popular java ides.

Eclipse vs Netbeans

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Eclipse vs Netbeans – Difference between Eclipse and Netbeans

Feature  Eclipse Netbeans

(Because of extensibility we can add support for python or android etc.)

Eclipse is cross platform supported plugin based architecture. Eclipse is having plenty of plugins. We need to select required plugins or else the more plugins, more updates required. . While selecting plugin we need to take care about compatibility with other plugins what we are using now. While Netbeans is tool based cross platform supported architecture. Netbeans also supports plugins for extensibility but not much. If we select wrong plugin we can create another project with required plugin.




Eclipse is aimed at enterprise applications development. It is big software. Netbeans  is aimed at being best IDE for java technologies.
Language support


Supports multi languages. PHP, C++, JAVA, JSP. Eclipse supports these languages with the different versions. Eclipse supports cloud environment too. Netbeans also supports multi languages using bundles. It has support for new languages too.
Auto code completion

(While we are writing code it will show all possible alternatives. It will increase the reliability of code.)

In eclipse it is using code recommender tools. It is also powerful tool as Netbeans API. Netbeans will provide auto code completion using simple code completion API.
Database Support


Eclipse supports database queries and browsing through JDBC. But configuration will take lot of time. It is main disadvantage of eclipse over Netbeans. Netbeans is providing drivers for JDBC, MySQL, oracle etc. we can easily connect to the databases using these drivers. Netbeans allows us to editing of databases also. We can modify tables, delete, inserts all are possible in netbeans IDE.
Loading time Eclipse loading time is less. Very easy and quick to start. In Netbeans loading time or starting time is more when compared to Eclipse.
GUI support


In eclipse using Window builder we can generate GUI using drag and method only but very less modifiable features. We have to modify then we need to go through auto generated code. It will take lot of time. Eclipse is going with other commercial alternatives.


For GUI applications Netbeans provides good support using GUI builder. With the minimal effort good interfaces can be designed using drag and drop functionality.  Just components need to be dragged related code will be auto generated. These components are resizable. The code generated by netbeans is somewhat easy when compared to eclipse if we want to modify. Netbeans UI design is award winning  Matisse GUI Builder
Swing vs SWT


Eclipse it will take support from SWT. When we need to use Swing and AWT, Netbeans is better because it has support for developing widgets using SWING and AWT.
Maven support


In eclipse we need to configure Glassfish separately for Maven support. For using Maven, Netbeans is better. With java EE package glassfish will come. So netbeans is very flexible and easy.
Project management


Eclipse is designed for handling big projects. Eclipse can do multi-tasking that is needed for large projects. Analysis, design, product development, implementation, testing, documentation these all can be handled by eclipse. Netbeans can be good for small projects because of its easiness and simplicity.


Debugging and profilers


Eclipse debugger has more complex features than netbeans. Eclipse will use  mylin tools which will be helpful for editing in task oriented way.


Netbeans has nice interface with less features. Netbeans debugger is integrated with editor. Netbeans profilers are much better than eclipse.
Spell checker


Eclipse has strong spell checker. Netbeans editor doesn’t have spell checker.
Work flow


Eclipse workflow is much more complex with high level surplus features. But netbeans has smoother work flow with fewer features and less alternatives.


Scope for code problems is more. Eclipse will use concept of bug reporting.

Eclipse is more stable.

Netbeans is reliable than eclipse.

Less stable.


Multiple projects at a time


If we want to use multiple projects eclipse is better. Eclipse bindings will be helpful to deal with multiple projects at a time. Netbeans is slower in navigation. It will take terrible time when we are dealing with multiple projects.


Eclipse has its own internal build system mechanism. Netbeans is relying on ant build system.
Android support


For android support eclipse has official plugins. Netbeans doesn’t have any official plugin for android support.
Interface Eclipse is less user friendly than Netbeans. Netbeans has user friendly interface.


Eclipse has different versions. Versions to version lot of changes are there. We need to choose right one for our requirement. Somewhat less updation. Not much changes.
Cope of with webservers


Less support for web services. If we want to start web services with java then netbeans is providing good support than eclipse.


Eclipse has only OSGI modularity tool. Netbeans have modularity when compared to eclipse. Netbeans supports standard OSGI modularity tool but it has its own modularity tool also.
Expertise Eclipse is best for experts who are doing enterprise level applications. Because big applications may need some internal architectural support.


For beginners netbeans is good. Easy to learn and code. It is like black box. we need not to bother about  inside issues while developing product. So Netbeans is best for beginners.

The main issues compared above. But both IDEs are very good for java and other languages. Features offered by both IDEs will be useful in different scenarios. It is totally depends on our requirement, personal preference and experience. But beginners can prefer Netbeans than Eclipse

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