Advantages and Disadvantages of Java Language

Here I will discuss about some important advantages and disadvantages of Java language.

Advantages of Java

There are several advantages or merits of java that are explained below.

Platform Independent

It is one of the biggest merit of java language. When a java program is compiled it is converted into .class file or byte code. The .class file is platform independent and can run on any platform like windows, mac, linux, etc. This property is known as Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA).


Java is considered to be the most secure language. The bytecode is only understandable by JVM and it verifies the code before running it. Another feature that makes java secure is that java does not support pointers.


Java is simple to learn as compared to languages like C++. Because various complex features like pointers, operator overloading, manual garbage collection, etc are removed from java.

Object Oriented

Java is object oriented programming language and this gives ability to write modular programs and reusable code.


There are many features like automatic garbage collection, type checking and exception handling that makes java a robust (strong) language.


Java supports mutithreading, this allows us to execute various tasks simultaneously using threads.


In distributed computing several computers interact with each other on a network. Java allows to build distributed applications using RMI and EJB.

Disadvantages of Java

There is only one major drawback or demerit of java which is given below.


Java is slower and more memory consuming as compared to languages like C and C++.

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  1. Barbera Peters

    This article was great at explaining the basic benefits of Java Language. I had no idea it was so simple or that there were any other computer languages, like C++. I have been getting more and more into computers but I am still researching how much I want to learn. This was really helpful in showing me the simplicity of java and that it can be useful. Thanks for the great information.

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