Solve Error “the import org.apache cannot be resolved” in Java

How can you resolve the import org.apache error from your program? Nowadays, when developers are preparing some codes in Java, the common error is import org.apache error takes a lot of time to resolve. This is because of the minor mistake you may do while coding, and no apache library is installed on them. Apache library is crucial for coding on Java and requires several corrections to develop a program efficiently. Most developers face this common issue in their developing

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3 Ways to Create Spring Boot Project in Eclipse

To create spring boot project in eclipse, we have many different ways. Spring initializer. ( STS eclipse plugin Create a Maven project manually and add all the required dependencies for spring boot starter. Creating Spring Boot Project with Spring Initializer To create any bootstrap web application Spring Initializer is very useful and great tool. Go to After generating the project, this will download the project in ZIP format. Unzip this file into a folder and import this project into

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Real Time Example of Multithreading in Java

Thread: A sub-process or a smallest unit of processing, called thread. Generally a single thread work only on a single sub-process which may or may not be the part of whole processing to achieve any task. A thread is also a lightweight process. Multithreading: To complete any single process or to complete any task, if multiple threads are working simultaneously, then it’s called multithreading. Technically, all the threads do not execute simultaneously, but the time difference between the threads execution

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Why Java Doesn’t Support Operator Overloading?

Unlike C++, Java does not support operator overloading. To overload the standard arithmetic operators e.g. +, -, * and / etc, Java doesn’t provide freedom to programmers. Java does not support operator overloading because by choice of its developers where they wanted to make it a simple language. Overloading of operator allows you to do something extra than default functionality or expected for. Every operator in java has a good meaning with their arithmetic operation it performs. Java only allows

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Solve Error “char cannot be dereferenced” in Java

Are you facing the error “char cannot be dereferenced”? So in this article, we’re going to see the main reason behind this error (char cannot be dereferenced) and the possible solutions. As we know there are two types of data types – Primitive (i.e. byte, int, boolean) and Non-primitive (ie. Arrays, String). char is a primitive data type, unlike String. So one of the most common reasons for this error is calling a method of String on a char value.

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Solve Error “int cannot be dereferenced” in Java

Dereferencing means accessing an object from the heap using a reference variable Or we can say It is a process of accessing the referred value by a reference. Dereferencing’s main purpose is to place the memory address (where the actual object presents) into the reference. Example:

If the reference has the null value, at that time the result of dereferencing will be a “Null Pointer Exception.” Example:

Reference: A reference is an address of a variable and it

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Fix Error “editor does not contain a main type” in Eclipse

So in this tutorial, We will know that what kind of reasons can be for getting this error “Editor does not contain a main type” and we will see how to fix this error. Basically, this type of Error means your Editor is not able to find the “main” method in any of your current program classes. The editor shows this error because when you want to run the project, at that time, the interpreter couldn’t find the main function

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Points for Perfect Software License Management Practices in Business Organization

Software has become an intrinsic part of any business organization. Owing to the immensely increasing competition, small and large businesses alike are adopting more and more software systems to help control and manage their operations with additional efficiency. With growing numbers of software systems in use, business organizations need to comply with every single license user agreement for any software in use. This can be a daunting task without help from a team of skilled experts in Software Asset Management

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