Bucket Sort in Java

Here you will learn about bucket sort in Java with program example. Bucket Sort is a sorting algorithm in which elements of given array are distributed into different buckets and then each bucket is sorted individually using some other sorting technique or recursively using bucket sort. An example is shown in following images. Program for Bucket Sort in Java Here in this program I have assumed that array elements are positive and less than 10.

Output Before sorting: 3

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Caesar Cipher in Java (Encryption and Decryption)

Here you will get program for caesar cipher in Java for encryption and decryption. Caesar Cipher is an encryption algorithm in which each alphabet present in plain text is replaced by alphabet some fixed number of positions down to it. Take below example. Plain Text: ABCD Key: 3 Cipher Text (Encrypted Message): DEFG As key is 3 so each alphabet will be replaced by an alphabet 3 places down to it. To decrypt a cipher text, the reverse of encryption process is followed.

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