Why Java Does Not Support Multiple Inheritance?

In this tutorial you will learn why java does not support multiple inheritance. It is a very popular and frequently asked java interview question.

What is Multiple Inheritance?

When a class inherits two or more classes then this scenario is called as multiple inheritance.

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Why Java Does Not Support Multiple Inheritance?

Lets consider a situation to understand this. There are three classes A, B and C. A and B class contains a method display(). Class C inherits these two classes. In this case class C will be confused that which display() to inherit because both A and B contains display() method. To remove this kind of ambiguity java doesn’t support multiple inheritance.

Why Java Does Not Support Multiple Inheritance?


How to Achieve Multiple Inheritance?

We can achieve multiple inheritance in java using interfaces. Consider below example.


There is no ambiguity in above case because interface do not provides method body and the class that implements the interface has to provide method body. Class C will provide its own implementation of method display().

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