Why is Java So Popular?

In the world of updated and aware world, the world has seen a transition from the computer curve to Mobile Phone or smartphone as it is frequently referred, but what has remain constant in this evolving world is Java. Java was designed keeping syntax similar to C/C++, to make it look familiar to application developers. This forms one of the most important reasons of popularity of Java. But not limiting to this, let’s have a look at the underlying reasons for why a two decade language looks still fresh and popular.

java runs on 3 billion devices

Reasons Why is Java So Popular

1. Feature Rich Properties

Java is a feature rich language, from platform independence to WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) and not to forget the multi-threaded environment java supports. These rich features have caught the attention of enterprises for their scalable and distributed large enterprise applications.

2. Memory Management

The perk of using Java, the way java executes and manages memory it reduces a large overhead from developer’s perceptive to manage.

3. Applications Using Java

Market share that Java possess in the market in each segment is huge, from Mobile Application to Web and from Desktop to now IoT devices, java can be seen everywhere. Though exact figures in this regard would be too difficult to collate but see for yourself, Android holds the largest market share in smartphones (no doubt about that), and majority of the Android applications are based in Java. It shows the scale at which Java has captured everyone’s eye.

4. Ample availability of IDE’s

Java code is as simple as to be executed from Notepad and it even has IDE’s like Intelli J which handles debugging, gives you a server runtime and a host of other features. Some of the most common used IDE’s are Net beans, Eclipse, Intelli J. Some Ide’s are lighter and some provide extensive functionalities, well that’s itself a whole new topic to discuss which we plan to discuss later.

5. Rich Third Party API

API available for Java are very extensive, from creating JSON to reading XML, there are third party library for everything. Be it any file type, you can find ways to create, read, and update that file using libraries available. Take an example of Microsoft Office, one of the most used Office suite, you can read these files, edit them and modify them simply by using Apache’s POI class. Moving on take example of database connectivity, java has API which can work will typically any framework. All these benefits the development community and reduces time to market for the enterprises.

6. Strong Framework Communities

We all have heard about spring, Hibernate and JSF and so-on. These are nothing but implementations which use the core of J2EE and J2SE to ease of effort to the developer which reduces the developers overhead by managing Design Pattern and simply providing XML or annotations based implementations. These frameworks are available in almost all category from ORM’s to Security. Not to forget the UI frameworks which are available which help in reducing development effort and help in saving time and effort.

7. Last But Not Least ,Strong Future Roadmap

Java comes as a strong product from Oracle, though Oracle has been trying ways to monetize Java but the foundation of Java and plans of Oracle have a long roadmap for Java which benefits the programmer and enterprises and ultimately Oracle.

As we have seen how this two decade or may be two and half decade (Next Year in 2020, Java turns 25) old language holds for developers and if you still are waiting for the head start, it’s the right time to start learning Java. Follow our blog to start this journey.

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