Java Program to Find LCM of Two Numbers

Here you will get java program to find lcm of two numbers.

Finding LCM is one of the most basic mathematical calculations that are taught to students at their primary classes.

Let’s review the basic concepts again.

LCM stands for Least common multiple which simply means that it is a number that is divisible by all the given numbers.

This number i.e., LCM of the given numbers is always greater than or equal to the largest of given numbers. This is so because all the multiples of all the numbers are either equal to (number X1 = number) or greater than that number (number X2, X3 ….).


To find the LCM of two numbers (or even more), we design a very simple algorithm to make our task easy.

STEP 1: Simply take the largest of all the numbers (here, two numbers only) as the LCM.

STEP 2: Start checking if LCM is divisible i.e., leaves remainder 0, when divided by all the numbers.

If true: Print the result and exit.

Else: increment LCM by 1.

STEP 3: Repeat STEP 2 infinite times.

Java Program to Find LCM of Two Numbers

See how it looks like in a program.


Enter First Number
Enter Second Number
The LCM of 5 and 10 is : 10

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