Solve Error “int cannot be dereferenced” in Java

Dereferencing means accessing an object from the heap using a reference variable Or we can say It is a process of accessing the referred value by a reference. Dereferencing’s main purpose is to place the memory address (where the actual object presents) into the reference. Example:

If the reference has the null value, at that time the result of dereferencing will be a “Null Pointer Exception.” Example:

Reference: A reference is an address of a variable and it

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Fix Error “editor does not contain a main type” in Eclipse

So in this tutorial, We will know that what kind of reasons can be for getting this error “Editor does not contain a main type” and we will see how to fix this error. Basically, this type of Error means your Editor is not able to find the “main” method in any of your current program classes. The editor shows this error because when you want to run the project, at that time, the interpreter couldn’t find the main function

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Points for Perfect Software License Management Practices in Business Organization

Software has become an intrinsic part of any business organization. Owing to the immensely increasing competition, small and large businesses alike are adopting more and more software systems to help control and manage their operations with additional efficiency. With growing numbers of software systems in use, business organizations need to comply with every single license user agreement for any software in use. This can be a daunting task without help from a team of skilled experts in Software Asset Management

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6 Best Java Books for Beginners in 2020

Here you will get list of 6 best java books for beginners. Java is a programming language which includes much more concepts compared to C, C++, etc. Java is an almost pure Object Oriented Programming Language. To master Java it requires guidance of good books and tutorials. For this purpose here are some books which are recommended by many java developers and instructors throughout the world. These java programming books will help you grasp the Java language concepts from Basic

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Solve Error Could not reserve enough space for object heap

So in this article, We’ll see how to solve the error “Could not reserve enough space for object heap”. While solving this error you will be also able to solve the following errors which occurs due to the same reasons: Error Occurred during initialization of VM Could not allocate metaspace Unable to allocate bitmaps for parallel garbage collection for the requested heap Could not create the Java virtual machine Reasons for this Error The above following errors are usually raised

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How Clean Coding Principles Can Help You Lower the TOC of Your Software Development Lifecycle

Writing clean code is a matter of skill as much as it is a personal habit. For 25 years, since the Java programming language was launched it has evolved, and the Java coding practices have advanced too. To achieve your desired goal of the software, application or product you intend to produce, you need to have a set of coding principles that will guide you when creating code. These coding principles will form the essence of writing clean Java code,

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Solve Error can not find symbol in Java

In this article, we’ll see the reason behind the error can not find symbol or can not resolve symbol in Java So you can solve it by removing that cause. So let’s start. A java program consists of keywords, literals, operators, comments, whitespaces, and identifiers. This error is related to identifiers (an identifier is a name that user assign to an element of a program such as a type, function, variable, namespace, or class). Because when you compile your code,

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Java BMI Calculator Program

A BMI calculator helps in calculating Body-Mass Index. Body Mass Index is a tool or a formula which helps us in knowing whether a person’s body weight is appropriate or not. It measures body weight with respect to the person’s height. BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by square of height in meters. BMI basically gives an estimate on how healthy our weight is. According to National Institutes of Health (NIH): A person with: BMI less

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